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Concrete 2D

The program has been developed for verification of symmetrical reinforced concrete cross-sections under action of normal force and/or bending moment.

Design and check of concrete cross-sections is performed according to EN 1992-1-1 or EN 1992-2 (Eurocode 2)

Available national annexes: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, user-defined

Input Options

  • large selection of the most common concrete cross-sections
  • database of strength classes according to EC2 including user-defined material
  • database of reinforcement materials including user-defined material
  • unlimited number of load cases (combinations) for each cross-section
  • import of loads from *.csv or *.txt file
  • recognition of short-term, long-term and accidental load cases
  • input of longitudinal reinforcement located along bottom and top surface of cross-section. Shear reinforcement is determined as stirrups or bent-up bars
  • structural rules according to member type (beam, column, slab, wall)


  • calculation of ideal section characteristics
  • check of concrete strength class according to the specified exposure class
  • check of reinforcement ratio for longitudinal and shear reinforcement
  • calculation of minimum cover of reinforcement
  • verification of a member or any selected section
  • check of selected load case or finding the decisive load case
  • check of all load cases in a table
  • check of the envelope of all load cases
  • member verification with or without the influence of buckling
  • possibility of graphical input of load directly in the interaction diagram with instant display of results
  • verification of the serviceability limit states (maximum allowable stress in concrete, crack control)

The program works by itself or more efficiently together with FIN 2D and FIN 3D, where you can specify the entire structure and the program calculates deformations and internal forces and sends data to program Concrete 2D. Verifications or modifications of cross-sections or other properties are performed here and then sent back to FIN 3D. Such mutual communication leads to efficient optimization of structure design.

Altre caratteristiche

Strumenti per il Training

FIN EC 2018

FIN EC 2018

News & Features

  • Fin 2D, Fin 3D - Members with variable cross-sections (haunches)
  • Fin 2D, Fin 3D - Alignment of members on screen
  • Verification programs - Import of forces from clipboard
  • Verification programs - Haunches for task types “Member” and “Beam”
  • Punching - Punching of foundations

Output Report Samples

FIN EC Concrete 2D - Textual Output Report Sample FIN EC Concrete 2D - Graphical Output Report Sample

Main Advantages of FIN EC Report

  • Clear one-page or comprehensive textual report
  • Possibility of custom report structures
  • Company profile with logo in the report header
  • Creation of custom report templates

Associated Applications

Individual design programs work separately, however we recommend purchasing the following programs for structural analysis:

  • FIN 3D – Analysis of 3D truss or frame structures
  • FIN 2D – Analysis of 2D truss or frame structures

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