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Loads on Structures

The programs determine the loads on structures using the EN 1991-1-1, EN 1991-1-2, EN 1991-1-3, and EN 1991-1-4 standards. The program Loading generates clearly-organized reports for permanent, variable, snow, and wind loads. It also includes an extensive database of construction materials, cross-sections, and variable loads. Reports include images (shape of snow load, wind load areas on the roof etc.) making the document clear and simple. The data from the report can then be used for modelling structures in programs Fin 2D and Fin 3D.

Temperature Loads

The Parametric Temperature Curve program simplifies the fire assessment of structures. Based on the given topology of the fire compartment, it calculates the course of the parametric temperature curve, which can be used in the verification of steel and concrete structures in programs Steel Fire and Concrete Fire. The curve is calculated based on the amount of fire load in the compartment, and unlike other temperature curves, the temperature decreases from a certain point. This program is offered free of charge.

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