Shallow Foundations

Spread and Strip Footings

The most common type of shallow foundation is the spread footing. The various foundation types can be designed in the Spread Footing or the Spread Footing CPT programs.

The Spread Footing program uses the M-C strength characteristics (ϕ, c) to determine the bearing capacity of the foundation soil, while the Spread Footing CPT program determines the bearing capacity directly based on the field tests carried out. In addition to static penetration tests (CPT), it also works with standard penetration or pressure meter tests (SPT, PMT).

Both programs can calculate settlement, design the reinforcement of the RC foundations and deal with foundation strips that are continuously loaded; i.e. under walls.

Slabs and Foundation Mats

The Slab program designs foundation raft (mat) and slabs. It determines deformations, internal forces, and reinforcement of a generally specified slab using the finite element method (FEM). The slab can have various support types; i.e. piles or elastic subsoil. The program can also analyse floor slabs.

Foundation Strips

In the case of footings that are non-uniformly loaded; i.e. under columns, we recommend using the Beam program, which allows the internal forces in a beam placed on an elastic subsoil to be determined.

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