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Design Programs

Fast and Easy Design

Design programs are made for fast designing of structural members under load. The programs emphasize ease of use and detailed output documentation. Programs are available standalone or linked with FEM programs.

Wide Range of Supported Materials

Programs are available for all of the most commonly used materials in structures. The key programs are Steel, Concrete and Timber. These products perform analysis in compliance with the basic design standards for relevant structures. A unique product is the Concrete Beam program, which is designed for comprehensive analysis of horizontal RC structures, including verification of cracks and deflections.

Design programs can also be used as assessment modules for the FEM programs Fin 2D and Fin 3D. Using the variable import of internal forces, the programs can also be used in connection with other structural software.

Fire Resistance Analysis

FIN EC also includes design programs for verification of fire resistance of structures Steel Fire, Concrete Fire and Timber Fire. When linked to the FIN programs, the modules can be freely combined.

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